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Tuesday, November 10, 2020

How to find no admin facebook groups

 How to find no admin facebook groups

There are several ways to find no admin facebook groups to claim.
For example

1:- Finding by extension
2:- Find by searching
3:- by group list

Today am sharing a Group list with millions of groups. You can claim those groups which have no admin

Watch full video to understand how to get a no admin group and how to claim


facebook groups links...
First of all Check the description and 

Download the no admin Groups links list... 

Then aa these steps

After Downloading open file in HTML viewer its a big file you can't open it in notepad so Download HTML viewer link in description

Open the file now and see
You will see a big Groups list in this format..
Admins | members | id | name
0 | 577337 | 0753268863788 | love life

Open only those groups which have zero admin

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